Choosing a Facility

A valuable online tool is “Nursing Home Compare” found in medicare.gov’s “Search Tools” area.

The Medicare website has a list of items that may help you determine what facility is best for you. Visit medicare.gov to find the full checklist or review this partial list below.

Basic Information

The SNF provides the skilled care you need, and a bed is available.

The SNF has special services if needed in a separate unit (e.g., dementia, ventilator, or rehabilitation), and a bed is available.

The SNF is located close enough for friends and family to visit.

Safety & Care

Residents get preventive care, like a yearly flu shot, to help keep them healthy.

Residents may still see their regular doctors.

Care plan meetings are held with residents and family members at times that are convenient whenever possible.

The SNF has corrected all deficiencies (failure to meet one or more Federal or State requirements) on its last state inspection report.

Resident Appearance

Residents are clean, appropriately dressed for the season or time of day, and well-groomed.

Living Spaces

The SNF appears clean and well-kept.

The temperature in the SNF is comfortable for residents.


Residents, including those who cannot leave their rooms, may choose to participate in various activities.

The SNF has outdoor areas for resident use, and staff helps residents go outside.


The relationship between the staff and the residents appears to be warm, polite, and respectful.

All staff wears name tags.

There is a full-time Registered Nurse (RN) in the SNF at all times, other than the Director of Nursing.

Resident Rooms

Residents may have personal belongings and furniture in their rooms.

Each resident has a personal storage space (closet and drawers) in his or her room.

Residents have access to a personal telephone and television.

Residents have a choice of roommates.

Why Choose Jacob Healthcare Center:

“Thank you so very much for taking such good care of my father. Your love and support were such a gift from God. You are all so AWESOME!”
– Renee P.

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